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Help With Downloading

Please take 1 - 2 minutes and look at this downloading help tutorial.

We made it as simple as possible and it will help you get your manuals as easily as possible.

About 80% of the problems associated with downloading come from trying to just click the manual you need and trying to read it on line.

These files go from large to HUGE and it takes a while to open the file so give this a try we think you will like it.

1) Find the file you need

2) Right click over the file name


3) You will have a box pop up that looks like this

4) Select the desktop button on the left


5) Look at the file name at the bottom ( the file is already named )


6) Click the save button


7) You will then see a box like this that will tell you download time remaining and how LARGE the file is


8) When you are done you will see an icon on your desktop like this

9) Click on it and you will see the manual

Have fun

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