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Desktop Assistant For Mics.exe ( This Is Software )
Nortel Networks - Desktop Assistant - Notes

Desktop Assistant is a Windows application used by end-users to create customized labels for Nortel Networks’ Business Series Terminals. The application will run on the following Microsoft Windows operating systems:
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 4 or greater)
Windows 2000

Minimum display settings are:
640x480 with 16 bit high color or 65,536 colors

Application Functional Overview

In the application users select the set type they wish to label, are presented with an image of the set and then enter text in the button label fields. For each button, users may select the font type, size and color and a background color. When complete the labels can be printed on any standard monochromatic or color printer, and the data file may be saved for later modification or for sharing among users.

Minimum PC Requirements

Depending upon the application's packaging, access to the installation image may require CD-ROM drive, Internet access, or other corporate network access.

Minimum configuration for Windows 95 and Windows 98:
Pentium 133
48 Mb RAM
10 Mb available hard drive free space

Minimum configuration for Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 4 or greater):
Pentium 166
64 Mb RAM
10 Mb available hard drive free space

Minimum configuration for Windows 2000:
Pentium 200
128 Mb RAM
10 Mb available hard drive free space

Installing Desktop Assistant

To install Desktop Assistant on your PC:
1. Insert the CD-ROM disk into the CD_ROM drive of your PC.
Note: If your CD_ROM drive has Autostart enabled,
the Desktop Assistant installation program appears. Go to step 4.
2. Double click the My Computer icon
3. Double click the CD icon
4. Double click the Setup icon
5. Follow the prompts that appear on the screen to install the application

Installation and Operation

By default the application is installed under "Start->Progams->Nortel Networks -> Desktop Assistant", and this ReadMe.txt file is installed under "Start->Progams->Nortel Networks -> Desktop Assistant Release Notes".

Known Issues

On Windows NT 4.0 the icon association with ".ntl" files is sometimes incorrect. To correct this:
1. Start Microsoft Explorer
2. Select a ".ntl" file which you have previously saved
3. Select the Explorer menu item "View -> Options"
4. Select the File Type tab
5. Press the "Edit ..." button
6. Press the "Change Icon ..." button
7. Select the Nortel Networks icon ...
(\Program Files\Nortel Networks\Desktop Assistant\da.exe)
8. Press OK

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